At any time, I could head to the middle of the forest, strip off my clothes, and dive into a river to wash off the sins of contemporary society in the primordial essence of nature. Knowing I have this freedom is how I get through my day, and that freedom hinges on access to America’s public lands. At the same time, I’m drawn to the idea of owning the pristine interior spaces and vast exterior views that fill slick home design magazines and click-bait listicles. Somewhere along the way, my definition of happiness has become wrapped up in this contemporary fantasy.

Yosemite Valley National Park US Parks Service Painting Contemporary Paint Art Artist Painter Emerging Piano Interior Dwell Luxury Real Estate Cabin Rustic Artnet California Development Expressionist Impressionist Waterfall Hiking Hike
Yosemite Valley, Rustic Cabin
Cliffords Dwelling South Rim Grand Canyon National Park 2017 painting john defeo
Cliffords Dwelling, South Rim, Grand Canyon National Park
John DeFeo Yellowstone Thomas Moran Painting Point Canyon Waterfall International Realty Southebys Moma Basel Frieze Artist Paint Art Emerging Important Interior Artnet Artnews Collectible Interior Design Decor Dwell Luxe Luxury Home National Parks Wyoming Landscape Yellow Blue Running Faucet
Moran Point, Yellowstone Ranch
Defeo paint painting painter art artist national park parks Joshua tree rock climbing hiking California desert southwest emerging collectible expensive Sotheby's real estate luxe swell houzz design interior decoration decorative
Joshua Tree, Pink Mod

cabin rocky mountain national park (Custom)


Mid Century Mod (Custom)